A Light That Lasts for 144,000 Hours – Introducing Dyson Lighting

Dyson may be best known for their vacuums, but the British company has certainly set out to change that, making waves in the marketplace by introducing new and different innovations as of late. More than 10 years ago Jake Dyson, son of Dyson’s founder and chief engineer, began work developing groundbreaking lighting technologies. In 2015, Jake Dyson and his team of lighting experts joined Dyson and are now working to advance the technology even further.

Jake and the team focused their efforts on improving and developing LED technology. They turned to satellites for the tech-inspiration behind their lighting innovation – Dyson CSYS™. Using heat pipe technology, which is typically found in satellites, heat is drawn away from the LED bulbs. By directing the heat away, the LEDs don’t lose quality of efficiency.  We are proud to offer the Canadian architecture and design community as Southern Ontario’s exclusive distributor.

The range includes CSYS™ task lights and Cu-Beam™ suspended lights. Both use heat pipe technology to overcome the problems with LEDs and provide powerful light, precisely where you need it.

The CSYS™ task lights, which include the CSYS™ floor, CSYS™ clamp and CSYS™ desk, use a 3 Axis Glide™ motion allowing you to position the light vertically, horizontally and rotationally, so the light stays exactly where you need it. Plus, the task lights come in different colour options including black and black or white and silver. Cu-Beam™ suspended light technology uses a single high-power LED, which projects powerful light, precisely where you need it, with the same heat pipe technology to ensure efficiency and colour consistency.

Why is great lighting like the Dyson Lighting range so important? Research shows poor lighting can have adverse effects on our productivity. So much so that it can even affect our physical wellbeing, causing both eye strain and headaches. Jake Dyson and his team took this challenge on. CSYS™ task lights don’t have this problem. They generate up to 648lx of warm, white light for the task at hand.

The most exciting aspect of the new Dyson range of lighting could be their long lasting ability, as they are able to provide great lighting over a long span of time. This is thanks to their unique approach to lighting and the effective cooling system, which results in 144,000 hours* of quality light. Plus, the sleek, minimal design ensures that it will look good while providing long lasting lighting.

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