Based out of Bangkok, Thailand, Ango fixtures are at the intersection between design, materials development and innovative production processes. All of the light diffuser materials in ANGO lights have their own character. Silk cocoons, mulberry bark and rattan are the basis of much of the range. The cultivation of the silk cocoons is undertaken in small scale farms in the north east of Thailand and as a process, this is one of the very lowest in terms of environmental impact. The key cultivation is the Mulberry tree whose leaves are used to feed the silk worms, and the use of this material by Ango to create lighting supports the local economy, while also encouraging the preservation of the silkworm cultivation heritage. Each fixture is handcrafted with love and care; some fixtures take many days to produce via an intensive and precise creation process. The low impact / low energy intensive process of how ANGO creates designs is representative of their view of how enlightened, environmentally responsible 21st century design and production can be.