JLC-Tech is the exclusive manufacturer of the only patented LED lighting fixture that actually replaces cross Tees in a suspended grid ceiling system. 

The T-BAR LED™ by JLC-Tech is the only product that saves nearly 50% in installation costs as well as gives the end user all the energy savings of LED technology! 

The revolutionary solid state lighting fixture is designed to replace the standard cross Tee in grid ceiling systems with easy click in tool free installation.  Building materials are minimized and the waste on construction sites is significantly reduced since no field cutting of tiles or grid is required. 

In addition, because the product runs as a class II installation on 24V DC power, only one remote driver is used to power up to 12 linear feet of illuminated product. This results in the use of fewer and lower costing electrical materials during installation as well as reduced energy loss.  


The T-BAR LED will truly revolutionize the way designers integrate light with suspended ceilings for the interior space!