Ripley's Aquarium Canada

Project Details


B+H Architects

Lighting Design/Specifier:

Mulvey & Banani


Boca Flasher
Insight Lighting


Courtesy of B+H Architects

Toronto’s newest attraction – Ripley’s Aquarium Canada – is not only the largest indoor aquarium in the country but also a first-of-its-kind in lighting design, as it is the only aquarium of its size in the world featuring tanks lit entirely with LED technology.

When Toronto-based lighting designers and engineers, Mulvey & Banani, first began work on the project in 2010, LED technology had not yet advanced to offer alternates to high wattage metal halide bulbs (typically used in aquariums), so the original tank design was made up of metal halide sources. We introduced the design team to a powerful LED floodlight – brand new on the market – with a comparable lumen output to the luminaires they were currently using. It also had the added benefit of full dimming capabilities.

“When Paul and the team at Mulvey approached us on this project, we knew LED would be a more effective option for what they wanted to accomplish. With the development of the technology over the course of the design phase, we were able to offer some exciting options for the team to test out.”
~ Nick Puopolo, Partner, Salex