Outside Sales:
Nick Puopolo, Principal, LC  x241
Paul Hudson, Principal  x229
George Katinas, Principal  x236
Ben Fischer, Associate
Andrew Parker, Associate, LC, P.Eng
Paul Manson, Specification Sales Manager
Rohan Periana, Account Manager  x237
Haidee Lam, Account Manager, P.Eng
Rafael Evangelista, Account Manager
Ben Hazelwood, Account Manager
Jason Sorbara, Account Manager

Control Sales:
Andrew Parker, Associate, LC, P.Eng
Ben Hazelwood, Account Manager
Rafael Evangelista, Account Manager
Joel Periana, Senior Field Tech
Ali Saleh, Controls Project Manager  x227
Jaime Tobon, Controls Project Manager  x233
Kareem Kelly, Controls Service Tech
Michael Yan, Controls Service Tech
Stanley Kao, Field Service Tech
Paola Agaton

Michael Smolyansky, Applications Manager, P.Eng  x223
Brandon Barroso, Applications Coordinator, CET  x232

GTA Quotations:
Robert Montoni  x240
Darren Bone  x249
David Ferri  x253
Sam Chen  x224
Romi Pop

Southwest and Golden Horseshoe Quotations:
Kyle Atkinson, Quotes Manager x101
Travis Schierholtz, Quotes x102

Ross Sawin, Associate  x230

Project Management/Customer Service
Gail Noel  x251
Charlene Whiting  x231
Lynda McPhee  x239
Dana Frink  x258
Janice Loach  x246
Jennifer Soliven x235
Sarah Brown x263
Jaime Jones x265

Hemant Maraj, Office Administrator x238
Cara Bowman, Executive Assistant
Alana Punit, Marketing

Anjali Jacob, Accounting Dept.  x228
Shashika Shivamurugan, Accounting Dept.

Salex Inc. Scarborough Head Office

435 Finchdene Square
Scarborough, ON, M1X 1B7
PH: (416) 293-2290
FX: (416) 293-0638

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