Euroluce 2015

In April, we attended Euroluce, the biennial exhibition devoted to excellence in the world of lighting. This year marked the show’s 28th edition and we travelled to Milan to immerse ourselves in the lighting of nearly 500 exhibitors during the 6-day event. The first day of the exhibition was on April 14, but we arrived in Milan a couple of days earlier to better experience Italy while we were there. Part of our cultural education included touring the Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral) and visiting an exhibit of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest inventions.

We attended Euroluce with several goals in mind. A main objective was to discover new and exciting European lines that would help us provide our design-oriented clients with more options and ideas for their unique projects. Another focus was to learn about new lighting trends and predict what will be coming to North America in the coming months. Last but not least, we wanted to support our vendors that were exhibiting at the show, including Delta Light, Designheure and Artemide.

We can confidently say that all our goals were achieved. Our first objective was accomplished as we were able to secure some new lines while at the exhibition. (Be sure to follow us on Twitter @SalexLUC and keep an eye on our website as we make these announcements over the coming weeks!) Going to Euroluce, we knew that glass balls and black wire were two very popular current trends and while there, we saw many brilliant examples of these, including glass being lit with quality LED’s from Artemide! We made sure to visit our vendors and stop by their booths… All we can say is, they have some spectacular new products coming out that are sure to cause disruption in the design community and we can’t be more proud to represent them!

Euroluce 2015 was a lot of fun and we learned a lot during our week at the exhibition. We look forward to returning to Milan in 2017 for the next edition of Euroluce. Ciao!