33 Yonge Bicycle Storage & Change Room

Project Details

Architect:  Zeidler
Lighting Design/Specifier:  Smith + Andersen
Manufacturers:  Axis,  Lumenwerx,  SGi Lighting
Photography:  Scott Norsworthy

The bicycle storage and change room at 33 Yonge Street in Toronto promotes sustainable transportation. By providing a safe place to leave bikes and a complete change room with lockers, riders are able to ride worry-free. The bicycle storage also features a bicycle pump!

GWL Realty Advisors needed the right lighting for this space. Salex worked with Zeidler Architects and Smith + Andersen to create a modern look with great light levels. Lumenwerx VIA 3 Recessed was used as general lighting for the change room. The Axis Stencil was used as a funky pendant for the change room and the Sculpt was used as mirror lighting. SGI’s LED Flex Light was used to back light the mirrors, adding a bit of pop in the space. Lastly, the LCOMN by Viscor was the right product used to light the pathway in the parking garage.