Cambridge Memorial Hospital

Project Details

Architect:  Stantec Consulting
Lighting Design/Specifier:  VR Engineering
Manufacturers:  Delta Light,  Selux,  Viscor | a Leviton company
Photography:  Adrien Williams Photos Inc.

Cambridge Memorial Hospital is a progressive acute care and teaching facility committed to quality and integrated patient centered care. Located in Cambridge, Ontario, the hospital provides exceptional care to residents of Cambridge, the township of North Dumfries and the Region of Waterloo.

To accommodate the growing number of patients at the Cambridge Memorial Hospital, the facility required a new hospital building, while the existing hospital structure needed an efficient renovation. Stantec Consulting led the design and VR Engineering was responsible for the lighting design and engineering work. Salex assisted the electrical consultant with design approaches, product samples and technical assistance. The first phase of the project was completed on January 18, 2020.

To illuminate operating rooms and general areas in the hospital, Viscor’s MD1U series by Certolux was chosen due to its extensive experience lighting various healthcare institutions. Selux’s M100 LED Recessed solution was selected because of its high luminaire efficiency. Additionally Delta Light’s iMax Adjustable, with an iMax square cover, was required as a chart light in every patient room due to its versatile accent lighting solution with the capability of emphasizing individual objects.