Citi Plaza

Project Details

Architect:  Petroff Partnership
Lighting Design/Specifier:  Hammerschlag & Joffe
Manufacturers:  Insight Lighting,  Zumtobel
Photography:  Salex

The Citi Plaza in London, Ontario underwent a retrofit project that included an entranceway being added to the building.

Salex worked with Hammerschlag & Joffe to provide the best lighting solution for the project and was involved in the installation of a cutting edge technology at the time, using LED and cove lighting. In addition, LED light panels from Insight were used to illuminate the advertising panels on the walls.

The entranceway features cove lighting that changes colour. The space has a high ceiling featuring a large, glass skylight. The client wanted the ceiling lit with colour-changing luminaires that changed simultaneously as the cove lighting in the entranceway. This task proved challenging as fixtures could not be installed directly onto the skylight. To achieve the desired outcome, Zumtobel’s mural fixtures were selected. The light source was placed along a ledge immediately beneath the skylight and angled towards reflective mural fixtures that dispersed the light across the skylight ceiling. The placement of the lamps also allowed for easier maintenance.