Equitable Life

Project Details

Interior Design:  Mayhew & Associates
Manufacturers:  Axis,  Lumenwerx,  Signify,  VISO
Photography:  Wilson Costa
Equitable Life is a renowned insurance provider offering a wide range of financial services designed to secure the financial well-being of individuals, families, and businesses. Their team provides insurance for individuals and groups, as well as offering savings and retirement solutions.
Salex worked with Mayhew and Associates and Walter Fedy Kitchener to transform the lighting at their head office in Waterloo. Several fixtures by Axis Lighting were used throughout the office, chosen for their flexibility and efficiency. The Axis StencilFlex system lights up the lunchroom and open collaborative areas, allowing for a variety of lighting insert possibilities and future relocations. Viso enhanced the system by creating custom lightweight, acrylic globe and dome pendants, equipped with Axis track adapters for seamless placement along the track inserts within the StencilFlex framework. Axis Beam 3 pendants illuminate the open seating and work spaces. Additionally, Viso produced custom acoustic linear fixtures to complement the architectural acoustic elements in the meeting rooms. Lastly, the glass pendants by Kuzco add a decorative touch, completing the office’s modern, sleek design.