Innomar Strategies

Project Details

Lighting Design/Specifier:  Metford Design Consultants
Manufacturers:  Axis,  Juno Lighting Group,  SGi Lighting,  Visa,  Wattstopper
Photography:  Light Monkey Photography

Innomar Strategies is a leading consulting firm in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, offering integrated services and expertise throughout the entire clinical development and commercialization process in the Canadian marketplace.

Innomar moved into its new head office in 2014 in Oakville and Salex was involved in the lighting of the entire office. The building’s lobby is predominantly lit by SGi Lighting’s cove fixture circled by the Axis Sketch, as well as 2″ round downlights from Juno. The main office space is illuminated with Axis Beam 4 (linear fixtures) with a mixture of Axis Sketch (round fixtures). Linear wall sconces from Visa Lighting and Juno’s Indy LED downlights were used in the washrooms. WattStopper controls were used to improve energy efficiency. The building’s lighting meets ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010.