Kayla’s Children Centre

Project Details

Architect:  G Architects
Lighting Design/Specifier:  Quasar
Manufacturers:  Meteor Lighting
Photography:  Industryous Photography

Kayla’s Children Centre (KCC) is a school, therapy clinic, and recreational centre for children with disabilities, behavioural challenges, and complex medical needs. The centre is named in honour of Kayla Serruya, a vivacious young woman with Down syndrome and former Zareinu student. The Centre embraces children of all abilities, religious affiliations, and needs, and is rich in Jewish education and tradition.

G Architects and Quasar worked with Salex to find the right lighting solution for the Mayim Aquatic Centre and Elkie Adler Hydrotherapy Pool. Whiz 2.0 by Meteor Lighting was the perfect light for the swimming pool application as it is natorium-rated. In addition, an indirect light source was required. Chlorine vapours were present in the swimming pool area, so it was important to have a suitable fixture for the corrosive environment.