LCBO Flagship Store

Project Details

Lighting Design/Specifier:  II BY IV Design,  WSP
Manufacturers:  Amerlux,  Delta Light,  Lumenwerx,  MODA LIGHT,  SGi Lighting,  VISO
Photography:  Wilson Costa

LCBO opened their massive new lakefront flagship store, located at 100 Queens Quay East in Toronto as part of the Sugar Wharf development. The mega-store measures 24,000 square feet with over 4000 products from all over the world including the largest Vintage wine selection. Salex worked with II BY IV DESIGN and WSP to light up this space. A variety of lighting treatments and solutions were chosen to provide visual sparkle, contrast, way-finding and horizontal/vertical illumination.

Several Deltalight fixtures were selected throughout the store, for their unique features and visual appeal. These fixtures include the Lass-OH L pendant used in the beer cold room. Spy Focus track fixtures were used to provide sparkle to liquor displays, Shiftline M44 and LED Line HE soft were used on the featured drop ceiling. Viso created custom drums used for visual & general lighting effects throughout wine sections & other areas. The 224’ custom linear Lighting treatment along Cooper Street and Queens Quay provided some added challenges with respect to the 28’ ceiling height. LumenWerx’s Squero woodgrain custom suspension was selected for its unique features, which meet all the engineer’s requirements. Other brands include Amerlux, Moda, and SGI. All of the lighting came together to create a vibrant and well-lit space for an optimal LBCO shopping experience!