Muskoka Grown Community Hub

Project Details

Architect:  Foreshew Design Associates
Manufacturers:  Kuzco Lighting,  Liteline
Photography:  Explore Muskoka Photography

Founded in 2013, Muskoka Grown is a Canadian craft cannabis company that takes a small-batch approach to growing high quality consistent cannabis in Muskoka, Ontario. 

In the spring of 2019, Muskoka Grown approached Foreshew Design Associates to facilitate their new store located in the heart of Canada’s cottage country, while Salex was brought on board to assist with the lighting procurement. In addition to their high quality small-batch craft growing facility, Muskoka Grown wanted to open a new space that would bring the community together and educate them on cannabis. 

The client wanted a design that reflected the community culture, their modern yet holistic branding, and create a retail/educational-inspired space that was multifunctional and transitional. To achieve this, Foreshew Design Associates (FDA) focused on a biophilic design approach to create the new floor plan, select appropriate materials and capture the overall organic feel of the space. As sustainability was an important component for Muskoka Grown, FDA collaborated with Thomas James Cabinetry to procure materials from an old church and barn to fabricate the millwork, which gave the pieces a distinctive character. 

In the facility’s Green House – an area dedicated to the cannabis basics – Liteline’s low profile white track lighting was chosen as it camouflages into the white ceiling, while providing versatile lighting throughout the space. For a modern and design-forward lighting approach, Kuzco Lighting’s mounted fixtures were chosen to illuminate along the facility’s hallways. This product illuminated the previously dim space and highlighted specific displays.