NODA Designs Flagship Concept Shop

Project Details

Interior Design:  NODA Designs
Manufacturers:  Liteline,  Lumenwerx
Photography:  Light Monkey Photography
NODA Designs is a unique design studio and concept shop that offers high-end, artistic and unique objects ranging from furniture to homeware products from all over the world. Located in Toronto at 11 King St. East, the flagship store is a space that also exudes the vibe of a museum where visitors can get lost in looking at all the worldly products. When envisioning the interior design of the shop, NODA desired a space that would articulate a particular story through the exploration of colours, materials, forms and juxtaposition of shapes, and architecture.

The design needed to capture the essence of the studio and objects it sells. One of the key design features includes the lighting throughout the store. NODA turned to Salex to advise and choose suitable lighting that complimented the designer’s vision, while beautifully illuminating the objects showcased in the shop. The designer was looking for something minimal with high illumination, that also provided versatile options in the way the lighting could be displayed. As a result, Liteline’s KLICK system was the perfect lighting solution due to its ability of creating unique lighting forms in just one track. The task lighting by Liteline used in the upper level of the studio also provides consistent light throughout the space to help the design team when working long hours. In addition, VIA by Lumenwerx was also brought in to light up the shop due to its high illumination capabilities and its minimalist design. The NODA flagship store is all about having fun with the space and incorporating lighting that would highlight its eclectic features