Project Details

Interior Design:  Britacan
Lighting Design/Specifier:  Mulvey & Banani
Manufacturers:  Axis,  Delta Light,  Elite,  Legrand,  Liteline,  Lumenwerx,  Matteo,  Viscor
Photography:  Rémi Carreiro Photography

Northbridge’s corporate headquarters in Toronto underwent a complete redesign across seven floors. Britacan and Mulvey helped transform the space for a dynamic look and feel by incorporating vibrant colour schemes, sleek finishes, and modern furniture selections. Salex supplied various lighting fixtures to illuminate the space and align with the overall ambiance.

The Delta Light ONE-AND-ONLY was used as an eye-catching design element above the reception desk area. The Lumenwerx Via 2 pendant was used in-between the wood ceiling detail in the main boardroom. Lumenwerx Squero Hubs were installed throughout the other boardrooms to create unique patterns.  The Elite SS4’s were used in the lunch room areas and some of the lobby/entrance spaces, board rooms. There were some limiting site conditions with plenum space, so they were a great fit. The Elite A1R were used over the booth tables in the lunch rooms to provide a small aperture downlight to highlight the table while keeping the ceiling quiet. The SGI tapelight was used in a cove detail in those seating booths to illuminate the artwork. The Matteo fixtures were used in the hang out areas as a decorative touch. The Liteline ALR6 was used to retrofit all of the pot lights throughout this project. The Axis CoeLux fixtures are known as daylight in a box. These fixtures were used in the lunch rooms to provide simulated natural lighting to a windowless space. This was a must have for the client to help support the feel of the space for their employees. Lastly, custom Viscor LRTF troffers were used throughout all of the open office spaces.