PAI Uptown

Project Details

Interior Design:  Jump Branding & Design
Manufacturers:  Global Lighting,  Kuzco Lighting,  Liteline Corporation,  VISO
Photography:  David Whittaker

Chef Nuit Regular and her husband Jeff launched another location of their renowned Thai restaurant, Pai. Originating from a quaint town in Northern Thailand, Pai holds sentimental value as the birthplace of their culinary journey before moving to Canada to introduce Toronto to authentic Thai flavours. Spearheaded by Jump Branding and Design, this project aimed to capture the genuine essence of PAI’s Downtown establishment in an entirely new setting. Salex was enlisted to deliver lighting solutions that harmonized with the free-spirited ambiance reminiscent of Pai’s backpacker and hippie allure.

The primary dining area is lit with 220 paper lanterns mirroring the enchanting Thai lantern festival, Loi Krathong. Crafting an illuminated paper bag that didn’t use traditional paper posed a significant challenge. In addition, sourcing a heat and fire-resistant material presented another challenge. However, Viso succeeded in delivering the desired aesthetic outcome. Global Lighting’s  Nama 3 Pendant and Z2 Blond Sisal Net pendant contribute to the overall aesthetic through their use of natural materials. Dela sconces by Kuzco Lighting are featured in the private dining room. Kuzco Falco flush mounts are used in one of the bar areas. Liteline cylinders and under-cabinet downlights are used throughout the space. In conclusion, this vibrant space showcases a diverse array of distinctive lighting fixtures that effortlessly transport you to Thailand!