Public Art, Concord CityPlace Block 37

Project Details

Lighting Design/Specifier:  MCW
Manufacturers:  WE-EF

For almost three decades, Concord Pacific Developments has been creating a sense of place in local communities across Canada through its extensive and experiential public art programs. Boasting one of the largest collections of public art in the country, Concord’s program brings remarkable and inspiring works from the studios of acclaimed artists to Canada’s public realm. With an abiding commitment to public art and a vision of realizing vibrant and sustainable neighbourhoods, these programs combine creative showcases, unique programming, and considered lighting to enhance communal spaces and engage local communities.

In summer 2018, one of several public art installations commissioned by Concord Pacific Developments as part of the CityPlace project was opened to the public in Toronto. Working with MCW Consultants Ltd., Salex helped to supplement this showcase with select lighting that accentuated the 3D forms of the artwork.

Wallwashing downlights – specifically We-ef FLC141 Bracket Mounted LED Floodlights – were chosen as an efficient and environmentally-friendly method of lighting that would eliminate the effects of light pollution, while the minimal fixture form served to keep focus on the artwork on display. As visual performance depends not only on the light quality but also on the quantity, a minimal number of fixtures were implemented to provide efficient light distribution.

Wall artwork title: ZigZag
Artist: Niall McClelland