Seneca College, Magna Hall at King Campus

Project Details

Architect:  MJMA,  Montgomery Sisam Architects
Lighting Design/Specifier:  Mulvey & Banani International,  Mulvey & Banani Lighting
Manufacturers:  Axis Lighting,  Deco Lighting,  Insight Lighting,  Visioneering

At Seneca College’s King Campus, the start of 2019 school year heralded a new beginning and a new space with the opening of Magna Hall, the college’s largest facility to-date. Spanning over six storeys and housing up to 5,000 students, Magna Hall brought a long-awaited update to the college campus, offering more space, new technologies and bright, invigorating lighting.

Located at the edge of the pristine Oak Ridges Moraine, this extensive expansion was intended to enhance students’ lives and exist in harmony with the surrounding environment. With this in mind, Salex worked with Montgomery Sisam Architects, MJMA and Mulvey & Banani to achieve modern and naturalistic lighting, all while respecting the school’s budget and timing needs.

To complement the sleek glass walls and light, airy atmosphere of the school’s atrium, Eviat LED from Deco Lighting was selected for their minimalistic and slim design. In addition, Axis Lighting’s BEAM 3 was used for integrated lighting throughout the school, while Insight Lighting’s Medley fixtures were chosen for high-performance, but pleasant lighting. A Visioneering LHBB series was also adopted for powerful supplementary lighting.

Overall, Magna Hall now boasts over 25 bright new classrooms, study spaces and community areas, with a fresh lighting update that enhances the quality of student learning and campus life at Seneca College.