Project Details

Lighting Design/Specifier:  Dark Tools,  superkül
Manufacturers:  Axis Lighting,  Delta Light,  Liteline Corporation,  Lumenwerx
Photography:  Light Monkey Photography

The right lighting in an office environment can help both people and business prosper. As a leading Toronto-based design firm, superkül was founded on the idea that the best design emerges from an integrated approach and a collaborative process. Directed by principals Andre D’Elia and Meg Graham, the firm’s work is detailed yet understated, carefully harmonizing light, material and proportion to create beautiful architecture and interiors.

With this ethos in mind, superkül’s new office space needed to foster an environment that cultivates creativity and collaboration. For the lighting design of the new space, Salex worked hand-in-hand with superkül and Dark Tools to create a bright, open environment reflective of the company’s culture.

To achieve this, the open-concept office and boardroom feature the streamlined and efficient Cava Curve pendants from LumenWerx, while 10W Flight LED track fixtures from Liteline Corporation deliver additional illumination. The materials library and copy room are lit with suspended FORUM LED panel lights, also by Liteline Corporation, in a unique application of this product that is normally recessed in the ceiling. As a finishing touch, Delta Light’s SUPERNOVA fixture brings a dramatic and pleasing quality of illumination to the office’s reception area. All of the fixtures work together in a lighting strategy that supports the calming minimalism of the office, facilitating and enhancing superkül’s creative process.