Tridel 300 Front Street West

Project Details

Lighting Design/Specifier:  Litemode
Manufacturers:  Selux
Photography:  Light Monkey Photography

We worked on the design build of Tridel 300 Front Street West with Tridel and Litemode on the 15th floor, outdoor pool and patio area of a downtown Toronto condominium.

The goal was to create a streamlined lighting design concept while adhering to the IES min. 10 ft. candle requirement. It needed to offer the right lighting levels with a caveat that we only had access to three sides of the space, as the south-facing wall was a giant perimeter.

The originally specified post-top fixtures were problematic, as it would have required 16 to light the area properly, detracting from the minimalistic design. The team settled on a one of-a-kind, European fixture pole from Selux. The space uses three, 26 ft. poles with multiple heads. The photometry required strategic placement/angling of the heads to achieve proper levels. LEED compliances were considered, as the building is pursuing LEED Gold. Light pollution and dark sky friendly requirements were also addressed.

Reducing the number of poles and utilizing the streamlined fixture heads allows for a theatrical lighting effect in an architectural concept. The effect is thrown and not just a straightforward circulation of light, offering a more romantic effect that showcases the modern furnishings well. The fixture poles are similar to poles being used along the downtown Toronto waterfront. Visible from the 15th floor, this creates a stylish tie-in.