Trillium Park and William G. David Trail

Project Details

Lighting Design/Specifier:  LANDInc.,  MMM Group
Manufacturers:  Structura,  WE-EF
Photography:  Light Monkey

Toronto is on the cusp of an outdoor landscaping revolution. In the midst of rising towers and an ever-growing population, the city is adding more and more spaces and public parks, linking once disjointed communities together through green spaces.

Last month, after two years of construction, the first phase of the new and improved Ontario Place opened to the public. Spanning the entire length of the largest local island’s eastern shoreline, Trillium Park and the William G. Davis Trail together add three-hectares of new public green space for Toronto’s downtown. Together, they represent the province’s new landmark park and are a spectacular new addition to Toronto’s waterfront.

Where there was once barren parking lots, visitors can now find walking trails that wind through a hilly patchwork of wilderness-inspired terrain, from sand and boulders to grassy knolls and meadows full of native wildflowers.

Salex collaborated with LANDInc (architects) and MMM Group (engineers) to choose the perfect light fixtures to illuminate the trails and park at night. WE-EF’s ETR100 Inground Luminaires, along with the RMC320 atop Structura’s wooden and aluminum Bol poles give Trillium Park the perfect amount of illumination, without taking away from the natural beauty of the outdoors.