Light + Building 2014

We traveled to Frankfurt in March with a few clients to attend the world’s biggest lighting trade fair. The event gave us the opportunity to share the lighting and controls market with our clients from a truly global perspective. They were able to experience the diversity of available products and explore the design potential for their current and upcoming projects. For us, staying current with lighting industry trends is paramount. We are always on the hunt for new products to help us meet the ever-growing needs of our clients and their end users. It’s also important for us to continually strengthen the relationship we have with our clients on a personal level. Working with our clients on a personal level heightens everything we do together. It’s also easier to work through any challenges that may arise when you have a relationship with the person on the other end.

Some takeaways from the event from a trend perspective include a definite move towards surface and suspended fixtures, predominantly square-shaped but we saw some round as well. We also observed a difference in lens media between Europe and North America. Europeans seem to prefer the Prismatic style lens, while North Americans lean towards the Opal look. The future of lighting appears to lie in the ability to “tune the light”. This refers to adjusting the colour temperature of the lighting after the installation is complete, allowing the Designer or Architect to match a warm or cool tone of light to the interior finishes once they are installed.

The social event highlight had to be the ERCO Apple Wine dinner. This was a traditional German feast with roast pig being served at each table with a generous portion of potatoes and sauerkraut on the side. Of course this would not have been complete without copious amounts of Apple Wine! Our clients loved it and the food was incredible. We sat at picnic tables in true Oktoberfest-style – the atmosphere was great and the mood was upbeat. The CEO of Erco Lighting came to make sure that each and every person (there were approx. 100) were enoying themselves and having a good time. The evening wrapped up with a toast, given by the CEO, and a shot of Apricot Brandy with a slice of Apricot in it.

Our clients were extremely appreciative upon their return and made sure that they thanked us in their own ways:

Ricky Mugford, Zeidler Partnership Architects – “I had an amazing time with you and the gang. Truly a lifetime of tales and memories!”

Katherine Mackay, MMM Group – “I wanted to thank you all again for the fantastic trip and your generous hospitality. You were fantastic hosts and the selection of travelling companions was great.”

Sam Poon, Hammerschlag and Joffe – “Thank you Salex for the fun trip. Enjoyed the time with everyone!”

Paul Boken, Mulvey & Banani – “This was a truly amazing trip yet again! Great traveling company with a great mix of personalities in stellar accommodations with amazing food and drinks (cant go wrong really).”